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A hardware driver search and update utility

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Driver Easy
Driver Easy 4.6.7

Driver Easy is a Windows application that simplifies discovery and installation of device drivers.

Device drivers are what let the Windows operating system communicate with many different types of hardware. If a particular component isn’t recognized or operating properly, this app simplifies the process of finding the appropriate driver and installing it. What makes this program such a strong option is how user-friendly is. Even casual users with very little understanding of device drivers can find and install the drivers they need and overcome a wide range of driver-related problems.

Driver Easy doesn’t just search for and point to resources. The developers actually maintain a massive database of device drivers. In fact, the count was well in excess of eight million at the time of this writing. This database is updated on a daily basis, and those updates are pushed to your program daily. You can request the updates manually or have Driver Easy update automatically.

The program doesn’t just discover and install drivers. It can scan your entire system for outdated and incorrect drivers and offer remedies. It provides a host of ancillary utilities as well. Driver Uninstall uninstalls drivers comprehensively. Driver Backup lets you archive driver installations so that they can be restored later, and Driver Restore does just that. Offline mode lets Driver Easy still operate when you lack Internet access, and the program can help with Windows Update as well.

Perhaps the biggest issue with Driver Easy is one of price. Fortunately, if you’re reticent and perhaps unsure if the program will fix your problem, you can download and test the demo. If the demo finds a solution, then buy and use the program. Still, the program is relatively costly particularly when you consider that Windows 10 has gotten quite good at avoiding driver problems and the average user may only use Driver Easy once or twice.


  • Updated daily
  • Massive driver database
  • Useful driver utilities


  • Cost to usability

DriverEasy is a tool that automatically scans your computer for missing drivers and downloads updates through the program interface.

Device drivers are programs that allow your computer, your operating system, and your hardware devices to communicate. For example, device drivers are needed in order to use sound cards, modems, wireless cards, printers, monitors, and virtually every other piece of hardware attached to your computer's motherboard. There are generic drivers that are often included with Windows and can allow devices to work, but many times functionality is limited or even nonexistent. One option is to download drivers for your hardware one by one. However, this can be time-consuming and technical. If you do not have a certain amount of technical knowledge, finding the right device drivers may be difficult.

DriverEasy is designed to remedy that by automatically detecting unknown device drivers and keeping them up-to-date. DriverEasy contains a database of over 1,000,000 drivers and is updated on a daily basis. It is free for personal use and is available for Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

To use the program, download the executable file and follow the installation instructions. When you run the program, click the big green button labelled "Scan Now," and wait while DriverEasy scans your hardware and finds the appropriate drivers. It will list all unknown and obsolete drivers. When you push "Get Drivers," the program will download and update your drivers.

DriverEasy is extremely easy to use, and will keep your system up-to-date for free. However, a paid version offers additional functions not included in this version. The premium version of DriverEasy also allows users to backup, restore, and uninstall drivers from within the program. It also allows you to create restore points in case downloaded drivers do not work properly. Technical support and a multi-language interface are also not part of the free version.


Free, easy-to-use, and automatically updated

One-click install and one-click download

Large database of drivers


Backup and restoration of old drivers not included in free version

Lesser known devices or hardware configurations may not work

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